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Last week was a busy one so I thought I'd share some imagery of what i handed in. I'm pleased with the samples i experimented with. There's no rest for the wicked.. I'm now cracking on with a new project that steams from my previous one, the outcome will be 6 A2 finished designs that will be taken to Premiere Vision, Indigo Paris (trade show) in February and hopefully sold! Every year students from my degree programme travel to Indigo along with other international studios to present their collections of designs, whether that be fabrics, knits, embroideries etc. We sell our work to leading buyers from as far afield as China, US, and the Netherlands. It's a massive trade fair that welcomes professionals from around the world to exhibit their work and gives up and coming designers a chance to be seen.

Also in my spare time, I am designing a few prints for an ongoing Surtex brief we've been given. This month the topics are Christmas and Conversational. I'm superrrrr excited about these topics as there making me feel festive. I've been drawing camels and stars for my Christmas print.

Surtex is a global trade fair based in New York, similar to Indigo Paris. It's a marketplace for sourcing original art and design, where artists, art agents and licensing agencies connect with manufacturers and retailers to create the next best-selling product in every category imaginable. Wall coverings, patterns, accessories, bed linens, stationery, giftware and so much more! The designs we submit will be taken along with two students chosen from our programme to sell at our stall in May! It's a big anniversary for Surtex as it'll be their 30th year running in 2016. Once I've finished my designs i'll upload a sneak peek.

There is a lot going on, i think i may drown in work however i find it motivating and it makes me giddy just thinking about it. So many opportunities one cannot turn down, this is also the reason i have closed my online shop for a couple of months.

One of 5 A2 sample boards 
One of 5 A2 sample boards

Deadline morning - soooo relieved!

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