If we were on a coffee date

Thanks to Kasia, over at Dipped in Rococo, I was introduced to an excitingly new link up created by Heartnatured. Using this platform will help talk about vulnerable or silly topics, our likes and dislikes or stories and adventures that we're thinking about. It's my treat, so what's your order?

Classic Hot Chocolate & Salted Caramel Brownie @ HC
If we were on a coffee date, i'd order a Hot Chocolate.. and would begin by telling you how excited i am for my interview at the RSPCA (Leeds/Wakefield) tomorrow! And that I plan on going to The College of Animal Welfare's open day, next Saturday to see their facilities and to gain more knowledge about their Veterinary Nursing Degree/Diploma courses. 

I would tell you that i had my very first performance appraisal at Hotel Chocolat and i can finally relax as it went well. I was feeling nervous about it, even though i know that i work hard but there's always room for improvements.. It was a nice reward, hearing that the management team had noticed my efforts and thanked me. I also set goals that i aim to reach within set time frames. Those goals are,

  • To learn the current cocktail specs/classics by heart and also to utilise the 'one touch' pouring technique when making a large order
  • Be able to recommend one of every beverage and have knowledge of the product to entertain and hold a conversation with customers
  • Creating a cocktail or adding a twist to an existing one, using HC products and have it featured as a Cocktail of the Month or added to the menu
  • Being promoted 
Hotel Chocolat, Roast & Conch Bar

I'm really enjoying my job at the moment, it's beginning to get busier which is a nice change from 'Dry-anuary'. So if you're in Leeds (or London, Rabot 1745), pop in for a cheeky Praline Soother (if you're a chocoholic) or maybe a Coco 75 (for the gin & prosecco lovers!) ;)

Praline & Salted Caramel Soothers
I would also like to admit that I've had Walking Dead withdrawal symptoms but watching Blind Spot and American Horror Story has been a temporary fix.

And finally i'd like to mention, that there maybe another cotton tail around here soon, I'm looking to adopt another bunny to keep Ruby company. 

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  1. Everything sounds super exciting on the job front, and I can vouch to all of the chocaholics that the praline soother is AMAZING.
    I would love a bunny so the fact you might have two soon... I'm super jealous!!xx

    1. It's a dreammm drink! You'll have to pop over for a cuppa and a play date with Ruby (& maybe her husbun too) Hope you're ok :) xx