My work space
Lately for my Innovation project I have been busy in the print room experimenting with techniques such as Direct and normal Screen Printing with Binder FF and Puff, Natural Dying, Foiling and even hand painted back into different fabrics such as Calico, Cotton, Silk, and furnishing fabrics. I have just began to fuse my samples together using bondaweb and a touch of embroidery.
Furnishing fabric samples
Colour samples are coming together nicely 

Natural Dye workshop
Natural Dye samples, dried and cured

Natural Dying fabric with Conchineal - Female Bugs!
Direct Screen Printing
I am yet to experiment with Devore, Ceramics and working back into my prints using the Lasor Cutter. Reflecting on my attitude - i think i have been more organised, positive and have put extra effort in. I truly hope it shows and pays off!


  1. I love your screen print samples and paintings (especially onto acetate) for this project, the colours were great and your style is so lovely and expressive !!
    So nice to read through your blog, didn't realise you had one !!!

    Jodie - A Textile Perspective

    1. Awh thank you Jodie :) I was quite happy with them. I'm slowing building it up.. I was working on a new post last night but hadn't had time to publish it. Your blog is lovely to read! x