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(Via Happiness Planner)

(Via Happiness Planner)

One of my biggest weaknesses is a pretty diary or notebook! I would love to try using a Happiness Planner , I've read that it's supposed to encourage positive thinking, gratitude and self-development. Before you start writing daily pages, you have to create a happiness roadmap with questions that will get you to think about yourself and your life. 

One of my goals for the new year is to embrace the art of positive thinking, by making each day a good day rather than worrying about the future or past, i think this planner could be a useful tool, a kind of therapy. 
(Via Happiness Planner)
Happiness Planner also make meaningful, hand painted and foiled Happy Cards. These would brighten my day for sure! (I'd like to feel the textures..)

(Via Ebenotti)

Hellooo monochrome, these handmade ceramic plant pots would be perfect for my little collection of house plants that are currently planted in recycled (Creme Brûlée) glass pots. Err Mr Swfit.. I will casually drop subtle hints for these baby's!

(Via Ebenotti)

So, I was aiming to do one image per artist but ooohh my! Just look at these adorable, pinched porcelain whiskey cups also made by Ebenotti.

(Via Silken Favours)

Speaking of plants, how about a cat and cactus shirt?

(Via Jennys Knit Co)
I'm a huge fan of oversized chunky knits, especially when it comes to jumpers and hats but what about a kitty bed? I wonder if my Ruby would sleep in one of these..

(Via Peony Knits)

Peony Knits is one of my favourite shops on Etsy and Instagram. I really like the colours used to knit this striped, pom fair isle hat. Perfect for the cold weather we've got here at the moment.

(Via Elma Shop)
Something for valentines? This midline Giselle bra made by Elma Shop looks super cute and dainty.

(Via Idle Wild Co)
Jungle themed, weekly desk pad made by Idle Wild Co. This would be perfect to write my weekly schedule on. 

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  1. ahhh I love the new look!! I've seen the happiness planner a lot through blogging recently and it looks soooo pretty. I hope everything is going ok since taking a break from uni! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Amy! I keep growing bored of my themes :P I'm sooo tempted to buy one. Everythings fine, I miss having things to keep me busy but i think taking time out from uni was the right choice for me. I've got an interview at the RSPCA for a volunteering position, so hopefully i'll have a busy schedule working at HC and volunteering soon! How are you? I've been reading your blog recently, adore the pink headphones and your new hair cut. Have you changed the colour also? It looks really healthy :) xxx