Mint Tea Recipe // Natural Flu Remedy

Mint tea tastes so good and fresh! This week I've been feeling under the weather with flu, and like always i comfort myself with herbal tea, honey and other flu remedies. My mother reminds me that "the flu can leave you dehydrated so drink lots" do i need a better excuse to drink out of pretty cups? I think not. 

Fresh mint tea is so fragrant and relaxing, prepare yourself to develop a new addiction. In terms of flavour and quality, there is no comparing fresh mint to dried tea bags. Dried tea does have a longer shelf life and is tasty, but it can become bitter if over brewed. There isn't that problem with fresh mint. If anything, the longer the fresh mint brews, the more oils are released into your cup of goodness!


There's no need to remove the mint sprigs or leaves from your cup before drinking. I find that the mint is sweet enough without any sugar, but add a squeeze of honey to your own taste. 


  • A handful of mint leaves or whole sprigs 
  • 250ml of boiling water
  • 1-2 table spoons of honey


Boil the kettle, grab a handful of sprigs and place them into your cup. When ready, pour the water over the leaves and let it to brew for five minutes before drinking. Voila, Enjoy!

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