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(Via Aitana Baeza, knitwear designer)
I am in love, this cardigan is a piece of beauty, that i wanna feel!

(Via unknown source)
(Via unknown source)
Dalmatians and German Shepherds are my favourite breeds of dogs.. just look at'um!

(Via unknown source)
My kind of tattoo, simplistic thin lines.

(Via Melissa Laree Cunningham)
I adore this photographer, she captures stunning moments. Also, that hair style and colour is perf.

(Via G Kero)
Original hand painted 'Space Man' shirt, featuring illustrations of David Bowie.

(Via unknown source)
Scandinavian design is influencing me a lot recently, i like the simplicity and functionality of it.

(Via Rocky, the French Bull dog)
Awwwhhhhhh I'll just leave this here for you's to coo over.

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